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NY Magazine Shares Latest on Bravo’s ‘Work of Art’

November 12, 2010

ABN found the latest news on Season 2 of Bravo’s “Work of Art.”  Click here to read more, and be sure to check out our profile on Season 1 winner Abdi in our upcoming November issue.


Casting for Season 2 is Underway

October 18, 2010

Learn more about auditioning for the popular Bravo reality show.

Exit Interview: ABN Chats with Miles

August 17, 2010


For the final challenge of “Work of Art,” the three remaining contestants were given $5,000 and three months back home to complete individual exhibits revolving around a chosen theme.

For Miles, inspiration struck when he happened upon a White Castle surveillance camera and decided to shoot photographs of the film on his phone. Beginning with a triptych of a homeless man, Miles’ experimentation with digital abstraction and silk-screening carried him to a point of fascination with grey area. In the end, the expected judge favorite was the second runner-up. Here, we catch up with Miles on what he’s been doing since the show ended, what doors have opened up for him since his experimentation on the final challenge, and why he never took the show too seriously.

Editor’s Note: Click here and here to read Q&As with fellow finalists Abdi and Peregrine.

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Exit Interview: ABN Chats With Abdi

August 16, 2010


After three months of creating beautiful works of art and beating out tough competition, a resilient Abdi Farah came through as the uncontested winner of “Work of Art.” Along with the $100,000 cash prize, he also earned a solo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Abdi’s exhibit in the final episode showcased how far he had come as an artist throughout his time on the show. Sharpening his already incredible technical skills, Abdi found the perfect balance of technicality meets ingenuity that persuaded the judges to award him the coveted first prize. Despite his incredible success as such a young artist, Abdi seems to be the same down-to-earth guy from York, Penn., sticking to his work ethic and creating new works of art in his studio space and looking forward to further establishing himself within the art world. (Click here to view a video of China Chow’s thoughts on Abdi’s artwork and personality.)

So how exactly will Abdi and his mother spend the prize money? How did he manage to deal with his last-minute cracked sculpture crisis? Abdi opens up and also gives us the scoop on how one lucky fan can purchase one of his “Work of Art” masterpieces.

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Exit Interview: ABN Chats with Peregrine

August 13, 2010


In the final episode of “Work of Art,” the three remaining contestants were put to the final test, each creating their own out-of-this-world exhibit. A strong contender throughout the season, Peregrine finished right behind Abdi, coming out second in a competition that began with 14.

Having struck an emotional chord with the judges and viewers, her seven piece exhibit, which included a photograph of twin unborn fawns and sculpture of a white pony, Peregrine’s exhibit was nothing short of intriguing. We’re going to miss her colorful, powerful works of art, but this seasoned artist is not done creating just because the cameras are off. Here, Peregrine opens up about what she has in store for the art community, her take on being on reality TV, and the artistic process of creating her finale exhibit.

Editor’s Note: On Monday, we’ll have a Q&A with “Work of Art” champion Abdi, followed by a conversation with Miles on Tuesday.

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More to come

August 11, 2010


Art Business News congratulates Abdi on his big win!

Critics and bloggers are responding to the suspenseful finale. Check out the blog posts here, here and here. And Jerry Saltz chimes in with his thoughts on season 1 in New York Magazine.

Thank you for watching along with us, and stay tuned for our exit interviews with Abdi, Peregrine and Miles and exclusive coverage in the September/October issue.

Episode 10 Preview: Season Finale!

August 10, 2010

(c) Bravo

It’s hard to believe, but season 1 of “Work of Art” wraps up on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Eastern/9 Central on Bravo. (Click here to watch this speedy video recap of the season to date).

In the finale, Abdi, Miles and Peregrine will return to their respective homes to create their final pieces, which will then be displayed in an art gala. The winner receives a $100,000 grand prize and earns a solo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. (Here’s a sneak peak of Wednesday night’s show.)

Who will win? The hype is building, as evident here, here and here. And it appears that Simon de Pury is Bravo’s latest reality TV star.

Please be sure to join us here as fans and ABN editors post their comments during the show. Also, we’ll have special Q&A interviews with the final three contestants on the blog later in the week, plus additional coverage in future issues of Art Business News.