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Episode 6: “Open to the Public”

July 19, 2010

The Challenge: The artists create a large-scale, outdoor installation pieces for public display. 

The Winner: “Neumaton” by Nicole, Mark, Ryan and Abdi (Red Team) 

(c) Bravo

The Loser: “Scales” by Erik, Miles, Peregrine and Jaclyn (Blue Team) 


Editor’s Note: Click here to read a Q&A with Erik, who was eliminated from Wednesday night’s show.  

Marylyn Simpson, ABN Editor 

Before Wednesday’s drama-filled episode of “Work of Art”, I would have considered myself Erik’s biggest fan. I immediately took a liking to Erik’s work and although he may have not had any formal training as an artist, I was going to root for him until the end. As ironic as it may sound, I was thrilled to see him go after the last episode of WOA. Not only was Erik a sore loser, but after witnessing his incessant insecurities take control of him, I wanted to see him get kicked off, and was happy to see him go. 

(c) Bravo

I did like the Blue Team’s piece as a whole, although I feel that the Red Team would have a better chance at winning, or creating the wining piece had Erik acted like a professional artist rather than an amateur (which he is). His “nobody listens to me, I’m a rebel” tactics were unsuccessful not only with his teammates and judges but with audiences. Nobody feels sorry for someone who feels sorry for themself. 

As far as the actual work of art, I did prefer the Blue Team’s work over the red teams’. Defending the blue team’s work of art, as an outsider, I think that its two-part construction was quite appealing. Children could climb up and then play inside the half tube-like structure while adults could just as easily climb up and enjoy the New York skyline inside of the semi-tube. It was aesthetically pleasing and thanks to its size, was much more eye-catching than the other team’s piece. Unfortunately, the structure itself was too tall and not safe enough for any responsible parent to allow their small child to play inside. It wasn’t quite as inviting to adults as the other teams’ piece, which required less physical activity in order to enjoy the piece. 

Also, Miles, the judge’s pet contestant, was for the first time ever on the artistic cutting block this last episode. So strange to see Miles nearly get kicked off the show, but then again, it was the icing in the drama-filled cake. 


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