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Episode 8: “Opposites Attract”

July 30, 2010

In Episode 8, the artists were challenged to clearly communicate two opposing themes while telling one cohesive story in teams of two people.

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The ABN editors share their thoughts here:

Kate Stieren, ABN Contributing Editor

I must say that challenges involving team creations do not produce my favorite pieces of art. One would think that the contestants would cringe at the phrase “team challenge” knowing that they will not only be judged on their own effort, but the collaborated effort of the team. This team challenge proved to be less of a worry for the artists, seeing as they each created an individual part of the piece.


Because the artists were grouped into pairs of two, some contestants had the perfect opportunity to utilize their persuasive skills, and boy, did Miles take advantage of that. I wasn’t fond of the way he convinced Jaclyn to take her clothes off for yet another challenge. Granted, she has a history of incorporating her body and sexuality into a lot of her work, but that was her inspiration to create a piece of self-expression, not Miles’.

Mark faced a similar situation in this episode (Read his exit Q&A here). He was clearly uncomfortable with the idea of taking off his shirt for the photograph, but went along with it anyways to appease Peregrine. If Mark would have been more persistent in expressing his own ideas and more resistant to following Peregrine’s lead, he probably would have been much better off.

Miles continues to remind me of all the tricks he has up his sleeve. After giggling at his success in persuading Jaclyn to take off her clothes, he mentioned the time that he convinced Ryan not to use all of his tar so that he could secretly use some later. I’d say the other artists need to watch out for this one as he certainly speaks his mind and has a sneaky side. He’s always open to offer criticism, and he made that clear when he was the only artist to offer his two cents about Mark’s piece.

Next week’s episode is sure to be filled with drama and intense competition as it is the last challenge before the finale. Now that the artists are down to the wire, I look forward to seeing how they will each perform.

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